Policies and Procedures

Policies & Procedures

Little Witley Publication Scheme
Little Witley Freedom of Information Policy and Application for Information Procedure
Class 1 Information – Who we are and what we do (Current Information Only)

1.1 Contact details for the Parish Clerk and Council Members – https://littlewitley.org.uk/parish-council/councillors/

1.2 Details of the Council’s Committee Structure – https://littlewitley.org.uk/parish-council/councillors/

1.3 Location of the Council’s designated office and accessibility arrangements –  Please make appointments with the Parish Clerk via littlewitleyparish@gmail.com stating requirements at the time of making the appointment.  https://littlewitley.org.uk/contact-us/

1.4 The Council’s staffing structure –  2017-2019 The Parish Clerk is the only staff member.

Class 2 Information – What we spend and how we spend it (Current and previous financial year only)

2.1 Annualised return form and report by auditor

2.2 Finalised budget – on application

2.3 Precept                – on application

2.4 Financial Regs 2023

2.5 Grants given and received – The Parish Council are not currently accepting grant applications.

2.6 List and value of current contracts awarded

2.7 Members Allowances and Expenses – There are no allowances and expenses for this Parish Council in either the current or previous financial year.

Class 3 Information  – How we are doing (Current and previous financial year only)

3.1 Report to Annual Parish Meeting – Please see Minutes

3.2 Published Annual Reports – Please see Minutes

Class 4 Information – How we make decisions (Current and previous financial year only)

4.1 Timetable for parish council meetings and committee meetings – Please https://littlewitley.org.uk/event/parish-council-meeting/

4.2 Agenda of meetings (upcoming meeting only) – https://littlewitley.org.uk.

Agenda’s are also posted up on the current notice board on the Village Hall building by the main door.

4.3 Minutes of meetings – https://littlewitley.org.uk/minutes-and-agendas/

4.4 Reports presented to Council meetings (on application)

4.5 Responses to Consultation papers (where consultations have been are or are in progress) – 2017-18 and 2018-19  No Consultations

4.6 Responses to planning applications https://plan.malvernhills.gov.uk/  This link goes to the Search Facility

4.7 Bye-Laws  – 2017-2019 No Bye-Laws

Class 5 Information – Our polices and procedures (current information only)

5.1 Conduct of Council Meetings (Standing Orders) – LW Standing Orders – Revised May 2023

5.2 Committee and Working Group Terms of Reference – no committees or working groups are in operation

5.3 Delegated authority

5.4 Code of Conduct May 2023

5.5 Little Witley Parish Council Equal Opportunities Policy

5.6 Health and Safety policy

5.7 Little Witley Recruitment and Selection Policy

5.8 Information Security Policy

5.9 Records Management Policy

5.10 Charging Policy for the publication of information

5.11 Little Witley Complaints Procedure and Little Witley Complaints Form

5.12 Grants Procedure – Currently under review at next Parish Council Meeting
Class 6 Information – Lists and Registers (Current information only)

6.1 Council Asset Register –Asset Register 2022_23

6.2 Register of Members Disclosable Pecuniary Interests – https://www.malvernhills.gov.uk/register-of-interests

6.3 Register of Gifts and Hospitality – none reported to Clerk

Class 7 Information – Services we offer (Current information only)

7.1 Benches

7.2 Litter Bins

7.3 Bus Shelters

7.4 Notice Boards. There are two, with the primary notice board being mounted on the Village Hall building by the main entrance.  The limited space on this board dictates that both are reserved for Parish Council document display only.  The second notice board is located in Well Lane, this is the larger of the two boards.  If you wish to place a notice on this board, please contact the Parish Clerk.

7.5 Services for which the Council can recover a fee – There are no services for which a fee can be recovered at this time.