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For general Little Witley Parish Council enquiries please use the contact form below.

There are many ways in which you can contact the Parish Council:

In the first instance, you may wish to get in touch with one of your local Parish Councillors. This will give you the opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns and to seek representation at a future meeting. If your issue is particularly complex in nature, you may be asked to provide a written letter detailing your precise concerns including submission of any supporting documents. Councillors’ individual contact details can be found in the Meet Your Councillors section.

You can attend the next meeting of the Parish Council where, for a pre-determined period of time, members of the public are invited to discuss any issues or concerns in front of the whole council. This is a great opportunity to voice your opinion on local matters and to seek representation at a future meeting. It is important to remember though, that much like The House of Commons, a resolution cannot be made by the council there and then. Before a legal decision can be reached, the public must be given at least three working days notice of the Proposal.

If your issue or concern is already at an advanced stage and you are confident in representing yourself, you may wish to write directly to the Clerk of the Parish Council and request the inclusion of your Business or Proposal within the Agenda for the next meeting of the Parish Council. It is important to remember that each Agenda must be published at least three working days’ before the meeting and the Clerk will have already formed a draft document in the weeks prior to this. To ensure that your issues or concerns are addressed by the council promptly, your letter and any supporting documents must be received by the Clerk at least seven working days’ in advance of the next meeting.

Don’t forget that you can send your comments and suggestions to the Parish Council through our website by filling out the form below and also via our Facebook Page (when available).

When would I need to contact the Chairman?

​The Parish Council is the first rung on the ladder of local government but contrary to popular opinion, it is in effect leaderless. Every Parish Councillor, including the Chairman, holds equal status and can all be approached to discuss and represent your local issues or concerns. However, within a meeting for the Parish Council, the Chairman simultaneously holds the unique responsibility for maintaining a fair balance of discussion and debate amongst the Councillors and members of the public.
How do I make a complaint to the Parish Council?

If your complaint is in relation to matters of a Breach of Conduct by an individual Councillor, please contact the Malvern Hills District Council Monitoring Officer here.
If your complaint is not in relation to the Code of Conduct, but about the business and operation of the council, you must first make your complaint through the Parish Council by writing to the Clerk of the Parish Council.
If you are not satisfied with the response, you may contact the Local Government Ombudsman using this link.

Contact Form for General Parish Enquiries


    Parish Clerk – Mrs Carole Hirst
    Postal Address: 1a Church Walk, Stourport on Severn, Worcestershire. DY13 0AL
    Telephone: 07496 252637


    District Councillor – Councillor Mr Paul Cumming (Malvern Hills District Council)
    Postal Address: Warwick House, Church Lane, Little Witley, Worcs. WR6 6LP
    Telephone: 01886 888832

    County Councillor – Councillor Mr David Chambers (Worcestershire County Council)
    Postal address: c/o County Hall, Spletchley Road, Worcester, WR5 2NP

    Mobile: 07400 590711



    Parish Paths Warden – Mrs Sandra Coghill

    Telephone: 01886 888014

    District Council General Enquiries
    Malvern Hills District Council Customer Services

    Telephone: 01684 862151